Frequently Asked Questions

   Do I need any special training for this? Am I allowed to evict tenants by myself? Don’t I need a lawyer?

Under New Jersey law, if you own your rental property outright in your own name, or as a sole-proprietorship or General Partnership you can bring your own lawsuit in landlord tenant court without an attorney. This DVD shows you how. If you own a rental property you are going to have cases of non-payment and late payment throughout your ownership. This DVD and Guide will give you the confidence you need to be prepared and knowledgeable when it happens.

   Will this DVD tell me what N.J.S.A. means and N.J.A.C and why they are important?

You bet, and copies of the relevant laws are actually included in the Companion Reference Guide.

   Can’t I learn the same thing by purchasing a book?

To date there are no books or other informational programs that walk you through the specific legal process in New Jersey Courts. This DVD is unique and gives you a state specific guide of how to fill out the forms required in New Jersey instead of a generic overview. Procedures vary from state to state. In fact, a non-payment of rent case has a different name and different required forms and notices in New York and different still in California.

   This DVD says that it teaches about non-payment of rent cases. I have a tenant that I want to evict for other reasons – will this help?

This DVD walks you through an eviction for non-payment of rent which constitutes over 80% of landlord tenant cases that are filed each day in New Jersey. However, This DVD covers the law and required notices for evicting a tenant for other reasons because the process is very similar. In fact, once you understand the process for non-payment of rent, you can use the Companion Reference Guide and the included sample notices to bring your own action for eviction for one of the other reasons such as: A destructive tenant, A disobedient Tenant, A tenant that continuously pays his or her rent late, or because you yourself need to occupy the property.

   What if I don't have a lease for my tenant, will this video still help me evict the tenant?

Yes, we cover that scenario as well.

   Can I use this DVD for commercial tenants?

Yes, the procedures taught in this DVD will work for a residential or commercial tenant such as a business.

   I heard evictions are expensive…How much does it cost to evict someone?

The total of the filing fees, court costs, warrant and lockout start at $95. The reason you probably heard it was expensive is because many landlords are naïve and unprepared when they go to court and don’t know how to handle their case efficiently, many weeks pass before they gather up the requisite knowledge, skills and ability to successfully complete the action. Additionally because of the wealth of tenant resources available online, today’s tenants are armed and ready to fight more than ever.

   What if I don't want to actually go through with the eviction but I just want my tenant to know I am serious?

You do not have to proceed to a lock-out, the DVD teaches how to make your own legally binding settlements as well