Find out how to legally evict your New Jersey tenant yourself fast by watching this instructional video!

There’s information on the web, but a lot of it is geared for tenants and it doesn’t really tell you how to fill out the forms, where to go and how to get the process started quickly. How to Evict a Tenant Fast in New Jersey is geared towards new and experienced landlords who want to improve their understanding of the eviction process, spouses and children of landlords who need to learn the legal system, real estate investors who have recently purchased occupied foreclosed homes, superintendants, property managers, real estate professionals and more!


You’ll see how the court house operates, why some lawsuits get processed faster than others and how to make sure that yours is one of those cases.

This DVD is presented by Michael Fourte who is not only an Attorney-At-Law, but also a licensed real estate broker, real estate investor and 1 of 303 licensed real estate instructors approved to teach the New Jersey course of instruction for licensed Real Estate Brokers and their Salespeople. He has taught at various schools colleges and universities in New Jersey, New York and abroad. Instead of hiring a lawyer who doesn’t understand the first hand frustration of owning rental properties, now you can have an attorney, who owns rental properties just like you, offer an insider’s perspective on how to increase your cashflow by removing your non-paying tenants or converting them to paying tenants fast.

Do you have a tenant who is not paying you rent, and due to the lack of income, you simply can’t afford to wait any longer to file the paperwork?


This self-help instructional video is for you. It will walk you through the procedures, and give you the confidence necessary to successfully file your own lawsuit in landlord tenant court. You’ll learn :


 How to fill out all of the required forms yourself!

 What the court can and cannot do by law

 The meaning of legal terminology such as N.J.S.A.  2A:18 and N.J.A.C. 5:29

 The Eviction statutes, laws and rules that every landlord should know

 How to enter into an effective legal settlement with your tenant.

 When to file.

 Where to find out what to do with tenant's left over belongings.

 Where to find out whether you can keep the security deposit.

 What monies you are entitled to collect besides the rent e.g. late fees, court fees

 What the most important sections of the law are

 What the New Jersey Anti-eviction Act is, and how it affects you as a landlord

 What to bring with you to court


Free Companion Guide

Your tax deductible payment of $59.99 will include a 59 minute DVD walking you through a non-payment of rent eviction from start to finish, and a free 56-page Companion Reference Guide with the actual laws that cover New Jersey Evictions plus sample notices which are required for evicting a tenant for reasons other than just non-payment of rent.

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